About Us

Banroc Construction is a Florida based real estate development, marketing, and consulting company. Banroc’s core competency is to provide any person or entity who wants to develop a lot or tract of land with the full spectrum of services needed to take the property from initial owner concept to final user occupancy.

Banroc coordinates and manages the complete process.To provide these capabilities Banroc has created a large and diverse network comprised of the best professionals and leading companies in each field. Included in Banroc’s network are:

1- Land planners

2- Attorneys

3- Experts in Property Zoning

4- Site and Project Planners

5- Project Proforma and Financial Experts

6- Engineers and Architects

7- Construction Contractors and Builders

8- Interior Designers, LEED Certifiers

9- Experts in “Green” and Sustainable Design and Construction

10- Landscape Planners

11- Private Equity and Bank Funding Sources

12- Mortgage Brokers

13- Sales and Marketing Professionals

14- Social Media and Online Marketing Experts

15- Top Producer Real Estate Agents.

All of Banroc’s associate companies and professionals have been carefully selected and are among the best in their field. Even though Banroc is a small company our extensive network of experts allows us to provide services many large companies cannot and at very competitive prices.

One of our most valuable services is the ability of our “Team” to come up with unique and creative options for the design and development of our client’s properties.

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Our Team

Before starting any project Banroc assembles an outstanding team of professionals that will ensure the success of the project. Banroc selects the best of the best, then manages and coordinates all facets of the project's development. Under Banroc’s direction, “Banroc’s Team” works as a close knit group and is able to create a superior project at a lower cost and in less time.



We also strive to make our projects “Green”, sustainable and LEED certified and have leading national experts who provide LEED certification for our projects. And in most cases for the same cost as a non-certified project.


All our Team members are leaders in their respective fields and use the latest technology and materials along with advanced construction methods to create a superior product. Each has many years of experience and outstanding reputations for the innovation and excellence in their work.



From the very beginning, we design and build our projects differently. Before we even start to plan a project we involve our entire team of experts in a series of all-day roundtable meetings to get input and ideas from all involved. This is our “Basis for Design” and is the key that allows us to create a far superior product at a competitive cost.



One of the first and most important steps we take in analyzing any project is to make sure we design and build a project/product for which there is a need and that has an excellent market. As our President Harry Bandinel says; “First we look at what we can sell and then we design and build it, rather than what most builders do which is to design and building a project and later try to sell it”.

 Our Services

The extensive capability provided by Banroc’s network of associated companies allows Banroc to provide our client’s a turnkey service and act as “one stop shop” for anyone looking to build a home or develop a large real estate project.



Our involvement in a project can be limited to a specific service, such as the design of a project or we can take full control of the entire project and provide the full spectrum of services to take the project from concept to final owner occupancy.




As a group, we are dynamic and flexible and can adapt to any situation or need. In some cases, we provide our expertise on a fee basis and in others we partner or joint venture with the property owner or investor.



We have sources that will provide funding for our client’s projects via private equity, venture capital or bank funding. Given the experience and credibility of our associated companies (Our Team), we are able to obtain funding for projects on the merits of our Team’s experience that often the land owner working on his own cannot.

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Naples, FL 34119

Phone: 941.716.0720